About me

Hi, my name is Max. I am a second year English Student at a London university, a reviewer, an aspiring writer (aren't we all?) and a massive Genre fan. This is my place: I ramble, I think, I mostly review.

I'll try and keep this updated at least once or twice a week.

Fellow me on twitter, @onechaptermore

Contact me at maxDOToscarDOTedwardsATgmailDOTcom, obviously changing the capitalised into the correct symbol. 

Review Policy

As a review blog, I guess I ought to have a review policy, on the off chance anyone wants to give me free books. So here it is:

I will review books recieved by publishers in hard-copy form. I do not own an e-reader (well, I have an iPad, and use it to read electronic-only books I'm truly interested in [the latest Pornokitsch collection for example]).

I cannot promise that books will be reviewed in a timely fashion, unless asked to do so specifically, or they are wondrous good. I will obviously try my best, but I'm a university student, and thus have other things on at the same time.

I'm focussing on Genre Fiction - that is SF, Fantasy & occasionally horror, but if you think its fantastic, send it my way.

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