Friday, 9 December 2011


Firstly, hello and welcome! This is my blog. Welcome to it :D

This will be a blog mostly about books, as you can probably tell by the title. My tastes mostly revolve around what is normally considered 'genre' fiction: Fantasy & Science Fiction. However, I'm doing an English Literature degree, I'll be dabbling in the 'literary', as well as a secret enjoyment of that much vaunted genre of 'lit-fic'. In fact, bugger it, why not go the whole hog and say I like books of any genre, so long as they are good.However, the fact still remains that we all have our 'home' genre, and mine is SFF.

This blog will probably focus on reviews and odd thoughts about books, literature, fiction and suchlike, with the odd throwaway comment about life at university, loving London, silly anecdotes and suchlike. If we get big enough, there might even be the odd giveaway!

Anyway, onwards, and enjoy :)

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