Friday, 29 March 2013

Fantasy in the Court at Goldsborough Books

Fantasy in the Court at Goldsborough Books

Well... that was fun. Currently lying in bed, somewhat hungover following a lovely evening at Goldsborough books and, of course, the pub afterwards. Not knowing what to expect, and not really knowing anyone, I was grateful to bump into Louise and Julie from Tor.

Away from having the slightly surreal moment where I bumped into the lovely Cat Webb (Kate Griffin) by the coat-sofa, and she revealed who she was and I did a little double take and went 'I'm using you in my dissertation', I enjoyed my mingling. Free wine (in copious amounts) provoked the naturally shy into being talkative and made authors more hilarious than they usually are.

So my thanks to Goldborough Books (of course), as well as Louise Buckley, Anne Perry, Julie Crisp, Tom Pollock, Sarah Pinborough, Andrew Lawston, Francis Knight, Cat Webb, Dave Bradley, Lavie Tidhar, Liz de Jager & husband Mark (surname forgotten!), Jennifer Williams & probably many more I've forgotten. It was lovely to meet you all for the first time or again.

While 90% of those there were industry in some way or other, everyone was lovely, mingling was easy (once you got used to the lack of oxygen caused by a large amount of humans in a space not designed for that many humans), and those of us who are simply unapologetic fanboys were more than welcome.

However, the most important and exciting part of my evening was, of course, Lavie Tidhar signing my copy of Osama (when he took a short break from reminding Francis Knight and I of his multiple awards he'd won). He might not forgive me for this, but he was somewhat inebriated, and said inebriation made its way into my signing. So, for those of you who haven't seen, I proudly present:

Which, translated, reads:

Dear Max,
My penis is bigger than yours.
Lavie Tidhar

Of course, we must remember that he does write lies for a living...

So not only the best inscription I've ever received in a book, but will one day be worth millions... I can only hope every book I get signed in future has such a wonderful inscription. Thank you Lavie!

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